Penny never gave up and found me a job I enjoy more than any other. Her knowledge of the industry is second to none and the service you will receive is first class.
Craig Drew
Membership Promotion Consultant
National Trust

Our advice and support will ensure you have the best opportunity of securing the job you are applying for. We will represent you in a professional and effective manner. Our approach is personable, warm, open and honest.

Our clients

Our clients are a mix of large corporate and small independent businesses operating across the UK, and include restaurants, retail catering, hotels, pubs, leisure, tourist attractions, coffee shops, café bakeries, contract catering, and garden centres/farm shops.

Be assured. We Will:

  • Support you through every stage of the recruitment process
  • Provide you with job descriptions and client information
  • Confirm every interview stage in writing
  • Treat you with respect and courtesy
  • Always feedback to you at every stage
  • Maintain consistent communication
Penny provided insight and guidance as to the client’s requirements. This proved to be of massive benefit to myself.
Ricky Towers
Group Catering General Manager
British Garden Centres


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